Best Love Letters for Her


Love is that special thing without which no one can hope to make their existence one that is full of hope and dreams and all the other things that make life worth living. Songs, Film, Theatre and Poetry have dealth with the subject of love for centuries, yet man has yet to run out of things to say when it comes to love. For all the Men out there struggling to find the words, let us help you. Here are a few Love Letters to get you started on your way.

Dear Natalia,

Before you my life was an unending series of disappointments. I had basically given up on the thought that things could better, that I could feel love and passion. Then fate ordained that you would ask or a stick of gum and I’d happened to be standing there with some in my pocket. The rest as they say is history. Each day with you has been worth a life in of itself. All the passion and joys we’ve shared are enough to fill a thousand books, and would give all the poets in all the worlds enough to write about for millennia. Here’s to hoping that the good times never end.

Love Always,


Dear Jess,

A day without is a day lost. I keep thinking about you. Your touch, your smile, your laugh. Sometimes I feel that it’s all too good to be true. As if it’s some crazy dream I’ll wake up from any day now. If it is, I want to stay asleep for the rest of my life. You’re a darling girl who energy and capacity for love are enough to burn a thousand suns. All the hope you give me, all the happiness, there are no words for it. I dream of us living together in a cottage in the mountainside and growing old together.

Love Always,



Dear Sopia,

You are my Moon and My star’s. Every time I look up at the night sky I am reminded of your beauty. The North Star reminds me of your eyes. The Milky Way reminds me of your hair, and the shooting stars that pass by every now and then make me think of your fiery, passionate spirit. You are a gift to this world and the fact that someone like you exists is something that gives me the deepest joy. I hope we always stay together.

Love Always,