Love letters for boyfriends

Love Letters for Boyfriends

It’s important to tell people how you feel about them. Only by being honest with each other about what is within can people develop long lasting, stable and romantically fulfilling relationships. In that spirit here are a few letters you can send to your boyfriend. Feel free to use them as is, or ideally you can use them as inspiration for a letter of your own.

After A few days into the relationship
Dear Tom,
I know it’s only been a few days and it isn’t cool to tell each other how we feel so soon. But I believe in following my heart. Since the first moment I saw you I have loved you. You are sweet, gentle and kind in a world where these qualities are becoming harder to find. I think about each moment we spend together, and it kills me when you’re not by my side. All I want is walk with your hand in mine, two people who complete each other, two people made for each other.

When he’s away
Dear John,
You’ve been gone for a week now and I’ve thought about you each day since. I keep dreaming about that night we walked in the park together at night and we told each other how we felt, the air was cool, and the night sky was dotted with thousands upon thousands of stars. I want you and I to be able to have a hundred, no, a thousand more nights like that. I know you’re thinking about me too. I’m waiting, hurry home.
Your Love,
After your first fight
Jack, I know I can be headstrong and opinionated and sometimes I let my anger get the better of me, but I’m just a human being. And I think the only reason I get so mad is because I care so much about you. And, if we’re being honest I think that’s why you get so riled up too. We only get mad at the people we love. And I do think we love each other. Let’s forget about this and move on in our relationship. Let’s talk about books, and music, and life. Let’s forgive each other and laugh, and love and live.
Always Yours,
At the end of the each letter has to come from within that special place inside your heart. Hopefully these examples have given you some insight, and a little inspiration. Follow your heart, pick up that pen, be honest and brave and great things will happen to you.