Love Letter’s for Husband

Marriage is a beautiful thing. A sacred bond between two people that is meant to last a life time. Sometimes people can get so caught up in the routine that they begin to take their feelings for granted. When and if that happens, it’s important to remind the other person how you feel about him. Bearing your emotions and your soul is what love is all about. And there are few better ways to express this than through the written word. In today’s post we’re going to give you a love letter submitted by one of our readers. She wrote this at a time when her relationship with her husband was suffering from the pressures of life, and she says that it helped their relationship grow. Here’s to hoping you can learn from her writing, and use it to grow your own relationship. Please note that we have changed names in order to protect our readers’ privacy.

Dear Alex,

We’ve been married for over five years now. I still think back to the people we used to be before we got married. So young, so passionate and filled with desire for the greater things in life. When I was with you the world seemed like a magical place where if everything were to fall apart we’d be okay because we’d have each other. I write this letter on the fifth anniversary of our union to tell you that I still feel that way. I still get a sense that life is a grand adventure every time I look at you, talk with you, and laugh with you. I still think about you when you’re not around. And I thank my stars every day that you were written into my life. Now you’re no cup of tea. You can be impatient, boisterous, and downright careless at times, but we all have our faults. I’m sure you could list a few things about me that annoy the Hell out of you. But here’s the thing. I hate those things, but I wouldn’t change them any day of the week because that is what makes you Alex. That is what makes you who you are, and those are things I have learned to love about you, as strange as it may seem. After five years we’ve accepted each other completely, flaws and all. And I think that show’s how we’ve grown through each other. I don’t ever see a day coming when I don’t love you. What we have is a rare thing. The stuff of fairy tales, and I wouldn’t change a thing about it.

All my Love,